Welcome to my little corner of cyber space. I hope you’ll linger for bit and take a look around.

My name might be relatively new to the writing world, but I’m not new to writing. I’ve spent much of the last eighteen years as a closet writer, honing my skills, yearning for the day when one of my manuscripts would be “perfect” enough for publication. A few years ago, using those stories as my foundation, and gripping a fresh manuscript in my hands, I ventured from my closet into the overwhelming realm of social media, critique partners, and query letters.

Thirty rejections later, I found a home with Clean Reads for my YA Christmas novel, Tinsel in a Tangle. To learn about my blundering teenage elf, who made her debut October 2017, skip on over to the Book page. If you want to read a little more about me, there’s the…you know…About page. And if you care to peek further still into my personal life, click your way into my Blog.

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