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Tinsel in a Twist

Published: 10/4/2021

Sequel to Tinsel in a Tangle

It’s been almost two years since Christmas elf, Tinsel, joined the Minor Flight Team and started dating Niklas Kringle, Santa’s grandson. But during a practice flight, she unintentionally endanger...

Tinsel in a Tangle

2nd edition. Republished with minor typo and sentence improvements. Original publication through Clean Reads, October 2017

Published: 9/1/2022

In the arctic town of Flitterndorf, generations of elves have worked alongside generations of Kringles to make gifts for believing children worldwide. Yet never have they endured a tall, blundering elf like Tinsel. Despite her setbacks, Tinsel is determined to prove her worth by nabbing an internship at the Workshop. But when her latest mishap destroys gift reserves and puts Christmas in jeopardy, she lands a punishment mucking reindeer stalls for Santa’s hotshot grandson, Niklas. Now if she wants a second chance at that internship, she must collaborate with the twinkle-eyed flirt to redeem herself...

Praise for Tinsel in a Tangle

"Hands down, this was the cutest book I’ve ever read. Laurie Germaine sleighs it with this book (see what I did there?)." - Janine R.

"...a wonderful combination of love, family, conspiracy, and friendship." - Ankita S.

"...hilarious and so romantic! I never in a million years thought I would crush...

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